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       ACP表示,其已在头15天内开发票支付GUPC,“值得注意的是,是在提前合同状态56天” 。




       据华尔街日报 ,扩建工程的延误可能会膨胀其成本五十亿至七十亿,并导致开放日期延后三年。



Panama canal expansion beset by delays
The multi-billion dollar lock expansion project for the Panama Canal has run into trouble recently, with the Panama government in a spat with the construction contractors regarding payment of funds.


Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC), a European consortium of contractors responsible for the project, announced a suspension of construction of a third wider set of locks for the canal in a letter to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) in late December, 2013. Reiterating the announcement last week, GUPC warned that construction would be suspended Monday, January 20.

Meanwhile, the ACP has warned that the announced suspension is, "Not valid, lacks merit and goes against what is established in the contract for the design and construction of the third set of locks".


"The announced suspension is based on the wrongful application of a sub-clause of the contract – cited by the consortium to justify the suspension – because this clause provides the right to suspend work only when the employer has failed to issue payment to the contractor. However, this is not the case and, therefore, such notice of intent to suspend work lacks merit."


The ACP said it has paid GUPC within the first 15 days of being invoiced, "Significantly in advance of the contractually-stated period of 56 days."


The authority also said it was in consistent communication with the consortium to resolve the situation.


According to the Wall Street Journal, delays on the expansion project could balloon costs from five billion to seven billion and set the opening date back three years.