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Fangcheng port's throughput tops 100 million tonnes in 2012

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SOUTHEASTERN China's Fangcheng port handled 100.58 million tonnes in 2012, indicating a year-on-year surge of 63.1 per cent compared to 2011's 61.68 million tonnes, Xinhua reports. Large terminals accounted for 67.6 million tonnes' through. Medium and small terminals lifted 32.98 million tonnes. From 2008 to 2012, Fangcheng port's yearly throughput rose from 37 million tonnes to 100.58 million tonnes. The port offers 14 foreign container shipping line services to 250 ports in more than a hundred countries, offering 21 sailings per week. Fangcheng has the most berths among all ports in the Beibu Gulf port cluster. It also has convenient access to various means of transportation such as railway and expressways with comprehensive handling and warehousing facilities.

Fangcheng container volume up 6.8pc to 205,500 TEU in first nine months

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FANGCHENG Port, in southeast China's Guangxi Autonomous Region, is expected to see cargo throughput to exceed the 100-million tonne mark by the end of the year, Xinhua reports. From January to September, the port's container throughput grew 6.82 per cent year on year to 205,500 TEU. Its overall cargo volume went up 11.8 per cent to 72.32 million tonnes. In 2011, the port handled 90.23 million tonnes of cargo with a capacity of 74.06 million tonnes.

Fangchenggang container volume up 10pc to 266,308 TEU in 2011

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FANGCHENGGANG port, in southwest China's Guangxi region, recorded a 10.6 per cent increase in container volume to 266,308 TEU in 2011 as well as 27.2 per cent increase in overall cargo volume to 84.9 million tonnes The port handled 33,000 inbound and outbound ships last year, up 3.5 per cent. 362 ships were mega-sized ship with a capacity of over 100,000 tonnes, 79.21 per cent, or 160 ships, more than in 2010.

Fangcheng Port boasts first ocean shipping service from PIL to Africa

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PACIFIC International Line's (PIL) East African service recently made its maiden call at the port of Fangcheng, in south western China's Guangxi Autonomous Region, marking the launch of Fangcheng port's first international shipping line, Xinhua reports. The line calls at Fangcheng, Nansha, Manila, Port Louis, Mombasa, Nacala and Singapore deploying ten 1,800-TEU ships sailing once a week, calling at Fangcheng on Fridays.  

Fangcheng port sets throughput record in 2007

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CARGO throughput of Fangcheng in Guangxi increased 19.4 per cent to a new high of 50.52 million in 2007, Xinhua reported.Major port area of Fangcheng port handled 30.3 million tons in 2007, an increase of 21 per cent; while medium-small size port areas handled 20.2 million tons, surging 130 per cent, the report said.Fangcheng port added two container services to Japan and Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. The port now has 30 weekly container services and its container volume in 2007 accounted for 70 per cent of the total container throughput of Guangxi coastal ports, the report said.