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Fangcheng port's throughput tops 100 million tonnes in 2012

Author: Posttime:2013-01-17 08:41:50

SOUTHEASTERN China's Fangcheng port handled 100.58 million tonnes in 2012, indicating a year-on-year surge of 63.1 per cent compared to 2011's 61.68 million tonnes, Xinhua reports.
Large terminals accounted for 67.6 million tonnes' through. Medium and small terminals lifted 32.98 million tonnes.
From 2008 to 2012, Fangcheng port's yearly throughput rose from 37 million tonnes to 100.58 million tonnes. The port offers 14 foreign container shipping line services to 250 ports in more than a hundred countries, offering 21 sailings per week.
Fangcheng has the most berths among all ports in the Beibu Gulf port cluster. It also has convenient access to various means of transportation such as railway and expressways with comprehensive handling and warehousing facilities.

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