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Quanzhou small trader value to Taiwan up 119pc to US$37.86 million in Q1

Author: Posttime:2013-05-10 08:48:52

THE southeast Quanzhou customs in Fujian province has posted a year-on-year 119 per cent increase in petty trade to Taiwan to US$37.86 million in the first quarter this year, taking up 42 per cent of China's total petty trade value to Taiwan, reports Xinhua.
Quanzhou customs said the major import products from Taiwan include turtle eggs, frozen saury and Taiwan areca nut. It has established regulation point in the port area and set up 24-hour services to enhance clearance efficiency. 
A ship carrying 5.84 tonnes of lake candidus dace from Taiwan Pingdong County via direct Taiwan Jinmen-Quanzhou service arrived at the Shijing checkpoint in Quanzhou recently. 
Shijing checkpoint is only 6.5 nautical miles away from Jinmen Island with one to 1.5 hours travel time and is the largest checkpoint for the aquatic products from Taiwan. Its petty trade aquatic products from Taiwan increased 23.8 per cent to 1,490.24 tonnes in the first quarter this year with value rising 113.7 per cent to US$1.74 million. The inbound ship services increased to eight to nine weekly.

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