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China’s 1h13 iron ore imports by source

Author: Posttime:2013-07-25 08:26:00
During the first half of 2013 iron ore imports declined year-on-year into China from India (-22.3 Mt to a mere 5.5 Mt) and Brazil (-6.5 Mt to 70.5 Mt). Imports from Brazil in June totalled 8.1 Mt representing a two year low. However, a breakdown of imports by source shows significant gains from Australia (+26.7 Mt to 192.5 Mt), Iran (+3 Mt to 11.6 Mt) and West Africa (+4.3 Mt to a combined 10.4 Mt) compared to the first six months of last year. Sierra Leone contributed 4.8 Mt to the West African year-to-date total, up from 1.6 Mt in January-June 2012.
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