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Shanghai’s Waigaoqiao port to offer cold ironing facility

Author: Posttime:2014-12-08 08:25:40

Waigaoqiao port in Shanghai will offer cold ironing services to ships at berth, in a move to reduce pollution from the burning of high sulphur bunker fuel, reports said.

The Shanghai Transport Commission said generators will be installed at Waigaoqiao port from next year to provide ships with electricity power, Shanghai Daily reported. The exact timeframe that the cold ironing system will be available is not specify.
Apart from equipping the port with cold ironing facility, the commission said it will continue to combat the problem of shipping emissions by preventing old vessles from working on Shanghai’s waterways.
Shanghai port, which includes Waigaoqiao port, Yangshan port and Wusong port, is the world’s busiest container port and handles more than 50,000 ships annually.
Pollution from ships accounts for 12% of Shanghai city’s total sulphur dioxide emissions, 11% of its nitrogen oxide emissions and about 5% of particulate matter emissions, the report cited official figures.
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