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Advancing infrastructure bill promises more US port funding

Author: Posttime:2021-08-10 08:48:49

MONTHS of US port congestion has caused the federal government and congress to focus on the need for stronger port infrastructure spending, reports IHS Media.

US ports and inland waterways are on track to receive US$11.8 billion in new federal funding over the next five years through a $1 trillion infrastructure bill Congress aims to finalise soon.
The bill will provide $5.15 billion for port and inland waterway navigational projects and $4 billion for operations and maintenance.
The White House wanted the bill to provide $17 billion over the next five years for ports and waterways.
The bill will also allocate $25 million for marine highways plied by container-on-barge service, and $400 million in entirely new grants for ports to reduce truck emissions.
American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) president Chris Connor declared the funding for seaports is a great start, creating momentum for more private investment in marine terminals and supporting infrastructure.
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