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Kerry Logistics and Hengan Group form JV to supply Covid gear

Author: Posttime:2021-10-26 08:24:43

HONG KONG's Kerry Logistics Network and hygiene consumable maker Hengan International Group, 80 kilometres up the coast from Xiamen, have set up a joint venture for bulk distribution and wholesale marketing of medical, healthcare and hygiene products, Kerry announced.

Kerry and Hengan worked together last year supplying Covid-related medical, healthcare and hygiene products including masks, gloves and toiletries.
By combining Kerry's strengths in domestic logistics and distribution and Jinjiang-based Hengan's sourcing of hygiene products, the joint venture company will meet the new demands of medical institutions and public facilities, said the announcement.
While it is looking to expand its business into other Asian countries and territories going forward, the joint venture will also have full support of Hengan's "Banitore" brand of products in the Hong Kong market.
Said Kerry managing director William Ma: "This joint venture will not only enable the two companies to explore more growth opportunities in the medical, healthcare and hygiene products market, but also create a unique competitive edge for us to support our customers in meeting new challenges through the pandemic."
Said Hengan executive director Tommy Hui: "This partnership marks the coming together of the best in two industries. Our collaboration has been fruitful and we have high hopes for this new venture."
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