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Shanghai maintains top ranking in container throughput worldwide

Author: Posttime:2022-01-04 08:49:48

THE container throughput of Shanghai Port surpassed 47 million TEU in 2021, ranking first globally for 12 consecutive years despite the Covid-19 impact on the shipping industry, Xinhua reported citing data from Shanghai International Port Group Co Ltd.

Last year, the port handled 32 million TEU in foreign trade and 6.3 million TEU in domestic trade. The throughput of international transit containers at the port exceeded 6 million TEU for the first time, or a year-on-year increase of 13.4 per cent.
Technological support such as automatic terminals and intelligent heavy trucks played an important role in achieving the growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a port source said.
The port is also speeding up transformation of its digital and production modes to improve operations and to ensure the stability of the industrial and supply chains, the source added.
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