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Shanghai extending empty container service to Taicang port

Author: Posttime:2022-05-12 09:56:40

Shanghai empty container center has opened up a unit at the neighboring port of Taicang in Suzhou.

Katherine Si | May 11, 2022
Shanghai empty container center’s branch in Taicang aims to provide sufficient empty containers and convenient container distribution and transshipment services for foreign trading along the upper and mid-reach of Yangtze river
Shanghai port and Taicang port started to jointly improve waterway transportation capacity in April and opened up green channel for cargos to Shanghai which could be transferred at the port of Taicang, and upgraded the land-to-water transport solutions between Shanghai and Taicang especially during the recent covid-outbreaks in Shanghai. 
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In April, Taicang port posted a container volume of 627,000 teu, an increase of 6.7% year-on-year. Among which, foreign trade volume was 349,000 teu, increased 15.2%. 
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