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FY 2022 starts well for HHLA in challenging times

Author: Posttime:2022-05-26 09:31:53

THE financial year 2022 started well for terminal operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik (HHLA), with container throughput rising 3.7 per cent to 1.74 million TEU, reports Yahoo Finance.

There was a moderate increase in container transport of 3.1 per cent to 431,000 TEU. Forecast for the financial year 2022 remains unchanged.
"The successful business performance in a difficult, uncertain environment underscores the reliability and strength of HHLA," said Angela Titzrath chairwoman of the executive board.
Revenue in the HHLA Group rose 10.7 per cent. The group's operating result (EBIT) climbed 15.9 per cent while the EBIT margin came to 13.9 per cent.
"The existing uncertainty on the global markets created by the coronavirus pandemic has been further amplified by the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. For several months, we have been dealing with massive ship delays as a result of supply chain disruptions, and this has led to a backlog of containers at the Port of Hamburg," said Ms Titzrath.
"However, irrespective of the difficult, unsettling times, HHLA got off to a good start in the 2022 financial year. Through prudent and disciplined action, HHLA is maintaining the stability of its operations and thus fulfilling its supply mandate for businesses and consumers," said Ms Titzrath.
"In order to reliably meet the needs of its customers, HHLA's employees and equipment are currently operating at full capacity and HHLA has implemented additional operational measures. Despite the challenges facing us, we will decisively and consistently seize the opportunities of the digital transformation and the drive towards climate-neutrality so that we can continue to strengthen HHLA's future viability."
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