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Shanghai ship queues shorten as world's top port returns to normal

Author: Posttime:2022-06-08 09:20:48

QUEUING times at the Port of Shanghai, the world's largest port, have shortened as the Chinese economic hub gets back on its feet after a two-month lockdown, reports Beijing's state-run Global Times.

Comparing research notes sent to the Global Times by Elane Inc, a well-known shipping data company, dated end of April, mid-May and end of May, the congestion situation at the Port of Shanghai recovered as the average time for vessels waiting to anchor increased from 28 hours at end-April to 71 hours in mid-May, then fell to 29 hours at end of May.
Thirty-four vessels were waiting in mid-May compared with 30 at the end of May, both up from the end of April's 23, suggesting ships now wait for shorter periods as port efficiency improves.
Shipping experts said the shortened waiting time and recovered port calls could be a sign of more business getting back to the port, as the city declares that it will officially emerge from its "static management".
Zhang Yongfeng, director of the shipping market analysis department of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute, warned that there is uncertainty, since US consumption of Chinese products is declining.
The Port of Shanghai told the Global Times that the port "never stopped for a single day, having handled 15.3 million TEU at an annual growth rate of 1.9 per cent.
In closed-loop management, more than 20,000 employees have been stationed at the port since mid-March, and it has issued over 800,000 green passes for truck drivers moving containers in and out of the port.
The port also said that infrastructure expansion projects, including automation, are on schedule. As of end of May, daily throughput stood at 120,000 TEU, returning to 95.3 per cent to normal operation levels.
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