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World's largest container ship Ever Ace makes UK port call

Author: Posttime:2022-06-23 09:54:52

THE world's largest cargo ship, Ever Ace, arrived in the UK's Felixstowe Port in Suffolk last Sunday where it unloaded 3,267 containers.

The vessel holds the record for the most containers loaded on to a single ship. The 1,300ft (400metres), capable of holding 23,992 TEU, docked at the biggest and busiest container port in Britain, and was scheduled to leave Wednesday evening after loading 2,300 containers for Hamburg in Germany.
The vessel, which is operated by Taiwanese shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation, was built in 2021, and docked at Felixstowe on its maiden voyage in September that year.
In March 2021, another of the company's ships, the Ever Given, blocked the Suez Canal, causing disruption to global shipping. It was stuck for nearly a week, causing one of the biggest traffic jams in shipping history. The ship was impounded for more than three months amid a dispute over compensation, reports BBC.
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