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Container ship congestion reaches North Sea

Author: Posttime:2022-06-23 09:56:12

KIEL Trade Indicator data from May shows a one per cent drop in global trade compared with the previous month, with container ship congestion reaching the North Sea, reports St Petersberg's PortNews.

Container ships are jammed in the North Sea off the ports of Germany, Holland, and Belgium.
Fewer than two per cent of global cargo capacity is currently stuck and can neither be loaded nor unloaded.
In the German Bight, a dozen large container ships with 150,000 TEU are waiting to call at Hamburg or Bremerhaven.
Off the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, the situation is more dramatic.
In contrast, the container ship congestion off Los Angeles has receded entirely.
Congestion near Shanghai and the neighboring Zheijang province currently ties up three per cent of global cargo.
However, more ships were able to leave the port of Shanghai, which was affected by the Covid crisis lockdown.
Departures were at a comparable level to China's other ports. Currently, they are 15 per cent lower.
Overall, 11 per cent of all goods shipped worldwide are currently stuck in traffic jams.
In the Red Sea, the gap between expected and actually shipped cargo volumes have grown to 16 per cent.
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