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HK's incoming CE aims to expedite the re-opening of territory's borders

Author: Posttime:2022-06-24 09:09:24

HONG Kong's incoming leader, John Lee Ka Chiu, who takes over the reign on July 1 from Carrie Lam, has spoken of the urgency to work towards the full reopening of borders with the mainland and the rest of the world.

However, in an exclusive interview with Hong Kong SCMP, the incoming Chief Executive stressed that whatever actions are taken to reopen the borders and to reduce mandatory quarantine for travellers, they should not bring extra risks to China at the same time.
Mr Lee pointed out that Hong Kong's health chief is to conduct a review of the Covid-19 situation "very quickly" and come up with interim measure to reduce inconvenience for travellers.
"If we may not achieve that goal very quickly, are there interim goals that we can achieve? "I am formulating different options, so that I hope there will be less inconvenience for travelling across the mainland boundary," he added.
Among the measures being looked at include suggestions of allowing incoming travellers to quarantine at home, or shortening the number of day they have to spend isolating at designated hotels.
Admitting that the quarantine period of seven days currently enforced in Hong Kong is causing inconvenience to travellers, Mr Lee emphasised the need to reopen the borders as soon as possible for the resumption of trade and travel. Mr Chan said Hong Kong was still very competitive and an open society with opportunities.
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