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Shanghai handles record number of containers in July

Author: Posttime:2022-08-09 07:14:49

THE Port of Shanghai is reporting a new monthly record for the total number of containers moving through, reports Fort Lauderdale's Maritime Executive.

The volume growth comes as the port recovered from earlier Covid crisis lockdowns and from the new surge in volume across many of China's largest container ports.
The Shanghai International Port Group declared it handled 4.3 million TEU in July. It compares with a previous record of 4.2 million TEU in October 2020.
On average, the port handled 3.93 million TEU a month in 2021.
Seeking to give a sense of the magnitude of the volume, the Chinese media highlighted that Shanghai handled 140,000 TEU daily in July.
The Shengdong International Container Terminal also reported a new monthly record of 840,000 TEU.
July's volume is 16 per cent over July 2021 and 13 per cent ahead of June.
The port worked in June to catch up after May's lockdown, including restrictions on inter-city trucking.
Shanghai has handled 26.85 million TEU in 2022, putting it at a rate similar to the port's monthly average in 2021.
Shanghai was ranked as the world's busiest container port for 12 years running since China launched an effort in 2010 to expand the port operations.
The China Ports & Harbour Association reports overall solid growth in port operations in 2022.
There was growth at eight of the 10 largest coastal ports.
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