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ContiOcean awarded contract of methanol fuel supply system

Author: Posttime:2022-09-15 07:47:28

ContiOcean Environment Technology has inked marine methanol fuel supply system contract with a well-known, but undisclosed marine power solutions company.

Katherine Si | Sep 14, 2022
The methanol fuel supply system project will be designed by Wavelength, the European R&D Center of ContiOcean, main equipment will be purchased all over the world. The system skids will be fabricated in ContiOcean’s workshop in Nantong,Jiangsu province and the site team will be responsible for system installation and commissioning.
Upon system delivery, the methanol fuel supply system will be used for the factory acceptance test of the methanol dual fuel main engine of the marine power solution company.
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“ContiOcean will continue to focus on the development in the fields of marine and offshore environment protection, marine clean energy solution and smart shipping to promote global carbon emission reduction,” said Jacky Zhou, chairman of ContiOcean.
ContiOcean has developed products covering LNG/LEG-fuel gas supply system, methanol/LPG/ammonia-LFSS fuel supply system and LNG/LPG/LCO2/ammonium cargo handling system. The de-carbonised system developed based on its exhaust gas clean system is at the trial stage. 
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