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MMA Offshore公司船舶采用电池技术减少碳足迹

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MMA Offshore公司船舶采用电池技术减少碳足迹

来源:Offshore Energy 2022-01-07

翻译:国际海事信息网 顾晋瑄 张运鸿
        海洋服务提供商MMA Offshore公司公开了一些合同信息,包括MMA旗下 “Cove”号船舶的长期合同,该船将配备电池技术以减少碳足迹。
        正如所公开所言,MMA 公司“Cove”号船舶将配备电池技术,从而提高该船工作效率,并降低其运营的整体碳足迹。
        另外,MMA公司还签订了一份船舶合同,使用“Privilege”号船舶提供住宿和出行以支持公司在科特迪瓦(Côte d’Ivoire)的服务工作。两份合同能为该公司带来约4446万美元的收益,并且如果合同行使相关选择期,该收益则可能高达6500万美元。
        除了这两份船舶合同,MMA公司还争取到了“Marius Link“项目的勘测机会,该项目被视为推动澳大利亚经济去碳化的关键项目。
        最后,该公司与澳大利亚国防部( the Australian Department of Defence)签订了关于“Hydroscheme“工业合作计划(Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program,简称HIPP)的这第三份合同。
        MMA公司总经理大卫·罗斯(David Ross)就这些合同发表看法说道:“我们非常高兴宣布这些合同的签署,它们为我们的核心业务和多元化战略起到支持作用。我们为能继续与Woodside公司保持长期工作合作关系而感到很高兴。同时,我们也为在'Cove'号上安装新型电池技术而实现更加节能的运营而感到非常兴奋。”
MMA Offshore vessel to feature battery tech for lower carbon footprint
Marine services provider MMA Offshore has revealed a number of contracts including the long-term contract for the MMA Cove vessel to be equipped with battery technology for a lower carbon footprint.
Specifically, the Australian company secured a contract with its compatriot petroleum exploration and production company Woodside for the MMA Cove.
Under the contract, the vessel will continue to provide production support services for Woodside’s facilities in Australia’s North West. The contract is for a firm period of three and a half years, with a further one and a half years in option periods.
As disclosed, the MMA Cove will be fitted with battery technology making the vessel more efficient and lowering the overall carbon footprint of the operation.
Together with the second vessel contract, awarded for the MMA Privilege to provide accommodation and walk to work support services in Côte d’Ivoire, the company is looking at the gain of approximately $44.46 million, and a potential $65 million if the relevant option periods are exercised.
In addition to the two vessel contracts, MMA also won a survey scope for the Marinus Link Project, regarded as a key project supporting the decarbonisation of Australia’s economy.
Finally, the company secured its third contract under the Hydroscheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) with the Australian Department of Defence.
Commenting on the contract awards, MMA’s managing director, David Ross, said: “We are very pleased to announce these contract awards which support both our core operations and our diversification strategy. We are delighted to continue our long-standing working relationship with Woodside and are excited to be installing new battery technology on the MMA Cove in support of a more energy-efficient operation”.