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来源:Hellenic Shipping News 2022-1-12
翻译:国际海事信息网 赵扬捷 张运鸿
        全球航运集团马士基(A.P. Moller-Maersk)周二警告其客户称,由于缓解航运拥堵所耗费的时间比丹麦公司原先预期的要长,该公司今年在全球运输货物方面仍存在困难。
        马士基称,目前全球集装箱船卸货或取货的最长等待时间是在美国西海岸,洛杉矶的长滩港( Long Beach port )的等待时间在38至45天之间。
        然而,该公司指出,最近北欧港口拥堵的情况有所缓解,比利时的安特卫普港(the Port of Antwerp)的等待时间预计从前一周的10天减少到本周的2天左右。
Shipping group Maersk expects cargo delays to persist
Top container shipping firm A.P. Moller-Maersk on Tuesday warned its customers it was still struggling to move goods around the world as the easing of congestion is taking longer than the Danish company had hoped for.
The pandemic has prompted shortages of container ships and logjams at ports at a time of very high consumer spending, meaning that hundreds of container vessels are lying idle outside ports.
“Unfortunately, 2022 has not started off as we had hoped,” Maersk said in an advisory published on its web page.
“The pandemic is still going strong and unfortunately, we are seeing new outbreaks impacting our ability to move your cargo,” it said, adding that it expects the constrains to continue “for some time still”.
The biggest waiting times for container vessels to discharge or pick up cargoes were on the U.S. West Coast where the waiting time at Long Beach port in Los Angeles currently is between 38 and 45 days, Maersk said.
However, it noted that there had been some recent easing in Northern Europe where the Port of Antwerp in Belgium was expected to reduce the wait to around two days this week from 10 days the week before.