液化天然气动力船“Explora I”号于纽约举行洗礼仪式

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液化天然气动力船“Explora I”号于纽约举行洗礼仪式

来源:Offshore Energy 2023-10-13
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        MSC集团旗下邮轮品牌“探索旅行”(Explora Journeys)在纽约举行了其液化天然气动力邮轮“Explora I”号的命名仪式。

        据悉,该邮轮在10月12日于曼哈顿邮轮港口(Manhattan Cruise Terminal)进行了洗礼仪式。这艘船的教母是著名海洋生物与海洋学家,西尔维亚-厄尔(Dr Sylvia Earle)博士。

        “Explora I”号是意大利造船商Fincantieri公司负责建造六艘豪华邮轮中的第一艘,船舶价值 35 亿欧元。

        该邮轮今年在北美度过秋季,在加勒比海度过冬季,在美国西海岸和夏威夷度过春季后,将于 2024 年夏季返回欧洲,在地中海进行一系列航行。

        “探索旅行”(Explora Journeys)的所有船舶皆会配备环保和海事最新技术,包括选择性催化还原技术、岸电插入式连接、利于海洋生物保护的水下噪音管理系统,以及整套船上节能设备以优化发动机的使用,从而进一步减少污染排放。

        “Explora II”号将于2024年夏季投入使用,在地中海和中东地区运营至2025 年4月。

        “Explora III”号和“Explora IV”号将使用液化天然气作为燃料,分别于2026年和2027年下水航行。 

        “Explora V”号和“Explora VI”将分别于2027年和2028年下水航行,这两艘船都将采取节能措施,并使用生物和合成气体等替代燃料。 这两艘船将在停靠港口时使用液氢和燃料电池用作酒店,实现消除船舶发动机关闭时的碳排放目的。


LNG-powered Explora I christened in New York

Explora Journeys, the travel brand of MSC Group, has held a naming ceremony for LNG-powered cruise ship Explora I in New York City.

As informed, the vessel was christened on October 12. The ship’s godmother is Dr Sylvia Earle, the renowned marine biologist and oceanographer, at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal.

Explora I, the first of six luxury ships constructed by Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri in a deal valued at €3.5 billion, began sailing in July this year with a series of journeys in Northern Europe before crossing the Atlantic to New York with visits en route to Iceland, Greenland and Canada.

The ship will spend the autumn in North America, the winter in the Caribbean and spring on the U.S West Coast and Hawaii before returning to Europe in Summer 2024 for a series of sailings in the Mediterranean Sea.

All of the Explora Journeys vessels will be equipped with the latest environmental and marine technologies, including selective catalytic reduction technology, shore power plug-in connectivity, underwater noise management systems to help protect marine life, and a comprehensive range of onboard energy efficient equipment to optimise engine use to further reduce emissions.

Explora II will enter service in summer 2024 and operate until April 2025 in the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East. 

Explora III and Explora IV will both be powered by liquefied natural gas and enter service in 2026 and 2027 respectively.  

Explora V and Explora VI will enter service in 2027 and 2028 respectively and both will have energy efficiency measures and be capable of using alternative fuels such as bio and synthetic gas.  These two ships will pursue the use of liquid hydrogen with fuel cells for their hotel operations while docked in ports to eliminate carbon emissions with the vessels’ engines switched off.