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来源:Offshore Energy 2023-10-27
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        意大利航运公司Manisa Chartering与中国船舶集团广西造船有限公司签订批量合同,建造8艘8500吨杂货船。

        自北部湾(Beibu Gulf)地区造船业成立以来,这项交易是其最重要的一笔出口订单。



        据报道,中船广西造船公司已与挪威海洋设计与咨询公司(Marine Design and Consulting AS)签订有关船舶设计的合同订单。

        与同吨位、同类型的船舶相比,这些船舶能够减少40%的燃料消耗和80%的氮氧化物排放。此外,这些船舶还将配备在停泊期间岸电连接设备,并符合“Tier III”排放标准和“EEDI第二阶段”相关标准。



Manisa orders up to 8 cargo ships from CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding

Italian shipping company Manisa Chartering has entered into a contract with China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s Guangxi Shipbuilding and Offshore Engineering for the construction of up to eight 8,500-ton general cargo ships.

This deal represents the most significant export order for shipbuilding in the Beibu Gulf region since the inception of this business.

The contract encompasses four confirmed ships, two optional vessels, and an expression of interest for two more ships, all of which are characterized by an impressive set of specifications. These vessels boast an overall length of 119.9 meters, a molded width of 17 meters, a molded depth of 9.3 meters, and a design draft of 6.5 meters, with a maximum draft of 7 meters. These ships are designed to reach a speed of 13.2 knots and carry a maximum deadweight of 8,500 tons, meeting classification standards set by RINA.

The newbuilds will also integrate eco-friendly solutions resulting in outstanding performance, economic efficiency, and efficient loading and operational capabilities, the shipbuilder said.

CSSC Guangxi Shipbuilding has reportedly inked a design contract with Norway-based Marine Design and Consulting AS for the ships.

Compared to vessels of similar tonnage and type, these ships are set to offer a 40% fuel consumption reduction and an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions. Moreover, they will be equipped to connect to shore power during berthing and adhere to Tier III emissions standards and EEDI Stage 2 criteria.

The Naples-based shipowner has 14 general cargo ships in its fleet, according to the data from the company’s website.