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“苏伊士运河史上第一次”——“Energean Power”号 FPSO的穿越

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“苏伊士运河史上第一次”——“Energean Power”号 FPSO的穿越

来源:Offshore Energy 2022-06-03
翻译:国际海事信息网 顾晋瑄 张运鸿
        Energean公司为位于以色列近海的卡里什气田(Karish gas field)新建造的浮式生产储油轮(Floating Production Storage and Offloading,简称FPSO),正从新加坡的一个船厂驶往以色列附近水域,现已经穿过了苏伊士运河。
        5月初,“Offshore Energy”网站报道称,“Energean Power”号浮式生产储油轮已经离开胜科海事公司( Sembcorp Marine)在新加坡的“Admiralty”船厂,驶往以色列。随着这一里程碑的实现,Energean公司有望在2022年第三季度从卡里什项目中交付第一批天然气。
        2022年3月,Energean公司将卡里什气田与以色列国家天然气管道(the Israel National Gas Line,简称INGL)连接起来,称这是促进卡里什气田开发运营的一个重要里程碑。
        Energean公司在以色列北部Dor Beach的陆上系统与INGL输送系统之间是由两个长30英寸直径的管段焊接连接的。来自卡里什气田的天然气将流向位于离岸90公里处的“Energean Power”号浮式生产储油轮,而后在船上对生产的天然气进行处理和分离工作。
        2018年11月26日,该船第一块钢材在中国舟山的中远船务段( Cosco Yard)进行了切割。随后,船体于2020年4月3日驶离中远厂区,并于2020年4月15日抵达新加坡。“Admiralty” 船厂在因新冠疫情大流行而停工后,于2020年6月恢复作业,并于2020年8月完成了第一次船体顶部提升工作。
        “Energean Power”号浮式生产储油轮的天然气处理容量为800百万立方英尺/天(8 BCM/年),液体储存容量为80万桶。
Crossing of Energean Power FPSO marks ‘first-of-its-kind in history of Suez Canal’
Energean’s new FPSO, built for the Karish gas field located offshore Israel, has crossed the Suez Canal while on its way from a shipyard in Singapore to waters off Israel.
Offshore Energy reported in early May that the Energean Power FPSO had left Sembcorp Marine’s Admiralty Yard in Singapore, heading to Israel. With this milestone achieved, Energean remained on track to deliver the first gas from the Karish project in 3Q 2022.
In a social media update on Friday, Suez Canal Authority informed that the FPSO vessel had crossed the canal. According to the authority, this was the first crossing of its kind in the history of the canal. The FPSO was directed and towed by four vessels belonging to the canal authority.
Energean previously said that, from sail-away to first gas, it expects four to five months to pass, with the remaining operations including tow, hook-up, and commissioning of the vessel. The final commissioning work will be performed offshore upon arrival in Israeli waters.
In March 2022, Energean connected the Karish gas field to the Israel National Gas Line (INGL), saying it was an important milestone in facilitating the operational readiness of the Karish field development.
The connection between Energean’s land-based system at Dor Beach in Northern Israel and the INGL delivery system was completed by welding together two 30-inch diameter pipe sections. Gas from the Karish field will flow to the Energean Power FPSO located 90 km offshore where production output will be processed and separated.
As a reminder, the first steel for the vessel was cut in Cosco Yard, in Zhousan, China on 26 November 2018. The hull then sailed away from the Cosco Yard on 3 April 2020 and arrived in Singapore on 15 April 2020. Following a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, works at the Admiralty Yard resumed in June 2020, with the first topside lift completed in August 2020.
The Energean Power FPSO will have a gas treatment capacity of 800 MMscf/day (8 BCM/per annum) and liquids storage capacity of 800,000 bbls.