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来源:Hellenic Shipping News 2022-10-26
翻译:国际海事信息网 赵扬捷 张运鸿
        波罗的海国际航运协会(BIMCO)发布了修订的金康(GENCON) 2022标准合同,这是海运业中最标准的合同之一。这些修订反映了自该合同1994年更新以来监管环境的重大变化。
        参与制定金康 2022标准合同的起草小组由租船和船东部门的代表组成,以确保新版本在双方的权利和义务方面取得适当平衡。
        BIMCO副秘书长Søren Larsen说:”当我们坐下来开始起草海运业的标准合同和条款时,我们的重点是在有关各方之间取得适当的平衡。不管是哪种合同或条款,都反映在纸上。GENCON 2022标准合同的起草反映了这一点。“
        起草小组委员会主席John Weale说:"我一直致力于干散货航运领域,深知正确的措辞是多么重要。没有完美的租船合同,但我相信金康2022标准合同将在很大程度上满足当今行业的需求并避免纠纷。"
BIMCO publishes updated Gencon contract
BIMCO has published a revised and updated version GENCON 2022 – one of its flagship contracts within its portfolio of standard contracts for the maritime industry. The revisions reflect significant changes in the regulatory landscape since the contract was last updated.
In response to changes within the areas of regulation and safety, BIMCO has updated GENCON 1994 to reflect the commercial and legal requirements in today’s shipping practices. The voyage charter party, used in dry bulk trade, was last updated in 1994 and the new version addresses all terms and conditions that the commercial parties need to incorporate by means of rider clauses. This will help companies that may not have an internal legal department to turn to for assistance.
The drafting group engaged in the development of GENCON 2022 consisted of representatives from both the chartering and shipowning sector to assure the new version strikes the right balance with regards to the rights and obligations of both parties.
“When we sit down and start the process of drafting standard contracts and clauses for the maritime industry, our focus is on striking the right balance between the parties involved. This is regardless of which contract or clause is on the drawing table. The drafting of GENCON 2022 reflects this,” says Søren Larsen, BIMCO Deputy Secretary General.
Focus has also been on the importance of producing a clearly worded contract that leaves little room for disputes on matters of interpretation.
“I have been active in dry bulk shipping all my working life and have seen how important it can be to get the wording just right,” says John Weale, Chairman of the drafting sub-committee. “There is no perfect charter party, but I do believe that GENCON 2022 will go a long way towards meeting the needs of today’s industry and avoiding disputes.”
The 2022 update will mark 100 years since GENCON was first launched by BIMCO, as the first edition was published in 1922.