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        美国探险游轮船东SunStone Ships是SunStone集团旗下的子公司,已经签署了第七艘Infinity级环保探险游轮的建造合同。

        据悉,该船将由招商局重工(China Merchant Heavy Industries, CMHI)建造。Infinity级的所有船舶都是由Ulstein Design & Solutions AS设计的。这些船是首次在邮轮业引入专利的X-BOW设计。

        乌尔斯坦设计与解决方案公司的商业总监Lars Ståle Skoge表示:"我们非常高兴地宣布,我们已经与招商局海门船厂签订了一份新的合同,建造一艘采用乌尔斯坦CX103设计的X-BOW探险游轮。“


        与其他 "Infinity "级船舶一样,"海洋奥德赛 "号配备了安全回港、动态定位和零速稳定器等机制,属于冰级1A,极地代码6。

        SunStone Infinity系列的所有船舶都配备了带有SCR催化剂的Tier III发动机以减少排放,其使用低硫的船用燃气油(MGO),有热回收系统和LED灯。


        五艘Infinity级新造船Greg Mortimer、Ocean Explorer、Ocean Victory、Sylvia Earle和Ocean Odyssey现已交付,而下一艘船Ocean Albatros将于2023年3月交付。据该公司称,所有订购的船只都有长期租赁协议。


SunStone snaps up seventh Infinity-class eco-friendly vessel

US-based expedition cruise ship owner SunStone Ships, a subsidiary of SunStone Maritime Group, has signed a contract for the construction of the seventh Infinity-class eco-friendly expedition cruise ship.

As informed, the vessel will be built at China Merchant Heavy Industries (CMHI). All the vessels in the Infinity class are designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions AS. These vessels were the first to introduce the patented X-BOW design in the cruise industry.

“We are immensely pleased to announce that we have signed a new contract with the CMHI Haimen yard for the construction of a new X-BOW expedition cruise vessel of the ULSTEIN CX103 design,” stated Lars Ståle Skoge, commercial director at Ulstein Design & Solutions.

The new ship will be 104 metres long, 18 metres wide, and will have a draft of 5.1 metres with a capacity for 160 passengers.

Like the rest of Infinity-class vessels, the Ocean Odyssey is built with mechanisms for safe return to port, dynamic positioning and zero speed stabilizers and belongs to ice class 1A, Polar Code 6.

All the vessels in the SunStone Infinity series have Tier III engines with SCR catalysts to reduce emissions. They run on low sulphur Marine Gas Oil (MGO), have heat recovery systems and LED lights.

In addition comes the wastewater treatment and management system that cleans the wastewater before discharging it.

Five Infinity-class new-builds, Greg Mortimer, Ocean Explorer, Ocean Victory, Sylvia Earle and Ocean Odyssey have now been delivered, while the next vessel Ocean Albatros will be delivered in March 2023. All vessels ordered have long-term charter agreements in place, according to the company.