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Ports  LSFO MGO  Remarks
Hong Kong 655 850 Nil
Singapore 655 835 Subject to barging fee for MFO/MGO below 500/100MT
China-Shanghai 660 990 Avails tight on LSFO, Surcharge excluded
China-Zhoushan 651 960 Avails tight on LSFO, Surcharge excluded
Taiwan-Kaohsiung/Taichung/Keelung 673 905 Oil booming usd 95 ls at Kaohsiung & usd 178 ls at Keelung,HSFO380CST only available at Kaohsiung, but will be suspended from 1 Sep
Japan -Tokyo Bay S.E. S.E. Avails tight on both LSFO/LSMGO. Indication for LSFO basis 300MT or above,Subject to other surcharge if any
Korea-Busan 698 870 Subject to barging fee if below 300MT.
Thailand- Bangkok 675 945 Avails tight on LSFO, LSFO indication basis Visc. 180cst max.
Vietnam-Hochiminh 775 1028 Avails tight on LSFO & LSMGO
Malaysia-Port Klang 665 890 Avails tight on LSFO
U.A.E.-Port Fujairah 668 1165 Nil