Genco Shipping购买装配船用洗涤塔的好望角型散货船

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Genco Shipping购买装配船用洗涤塔的好望角型散货船

来源:Offshore Energy 2023-12-01
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         总部位于美国的干散货船东根科船务贸易公司(Genco Shipping,以下简称“Genco”或该公司)收购了181,000载重吨的“Genco Reliance”号好望角型(Capesize)散货船,该船建造于2016年并配有船用洗涤塔。

        据悉,这艘船购买价格为4300万美元。2023年11月最后一周,该公司接收了“Genco Reliance”号和早前宣布收购的好望角型“Genco Ranger”号两艘船舶。

        Genco公司还透露,其同意以1950万美元的价格出售169,098载重吨的“Genco Commodus”号好望角型船,该船建造于2009年。


        Genco公司准备通过库存现金、循环信贷机制提款以及出售“Genco Commodus”号船的收益为上述收购项目提供资金。


        该公司首席执行官John C. Wobensmith表示:“我们很高兴采取重要措施来推进船队更新战略。凭借雄厚的资金实力,我们适时收购了两艘高燃油能耗的现代化好望角型船,同时剥离了老旧的非核心吨位。这两艘好望角型新船将作为现有Genco旗下船舶的姊妹船,无缝融入我司的全球商业平台。重要的是,借此我们提高了资产基础的平均船龄,增强了公司盈利能力,从而有效利用长期行业基本面。”



        截至2023年11月,根科船务贸易有限责任公司(Genco Shipping & Trading Limited)船队由19艘好望角型船、15艘Ultramax型船和12艘Supramax型船组成,总运力约499.7万载重吨。


Genco Shipping buys scrubber-fitted Capesize bulker

U.S.-headquartered drybulk shipowner Genco Shipping has acquired 2016-built 181,000 dwt scrubber-fitted Capesize vessel, Genco Reliance.

As informed, the vessel was purchased for $43 million. The company took delivery of Genco Reliance, as well as the previously announced Capesize acquisition, Genco Ranger, during the last week of November 2023.

Genco also revealed that it has agreed to sell Genco Commodus, a 2009-built 169,098 dwt Capesize vessel, for $19.5 million. 

According to the shipowner, this anticipated sale will result in drydocking savings in 2024 due to the vessel’s upcoming third special survey. The vessel is expected to deliver in January 2024.

Genco intends to fund the above acquisitions through a combination of cash on hand, a drawdown on its revolving credit facility and proceeds from the sale of Genco Commodus. 

“Assuming this drawdown on our revolver and the closing of our previously announced $500 million credit facility, we expect to have debt outstanding of approximately $210 million and undrawn revolver availability of approximately $290 million,” the company noted. 

“We are pleased to have taken important steps to advance our fleet renewal strategy. Leveraging our significant financial strength, we opportunistically acquired two modern, fuel-efficient Capesize vessels, while divesting older, non-core tonnage. We expect these two new Capes will seamlessly integrate into our global commercial platform, as sister ships to existing Genco vessels. Importantly, we’ve enhanced the average age of our asset base and improved our earnings capacity to take advantage of favorable long-term industry fundamentals,” John C. Wobensmith, Chief Executive Officer, commented.

“Given that the acquired Capesizes are high-specification vessels, we viewed these fleet additions as highly attractive, positioning Genco well for the longer term while also improving the efficiency of our fleet to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

Wobensmith also emphasized that going forward, the firm intends to continue to assess additional sale and purchase transactions.

As of November 2023, Genco Shipping & Trading Limited’s fleet consists of 19 Capesize, 15 Ultramax and 12 Supramax vessels with an aggregate capacity of approximately 4,997,000 dwt.