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MSC's northeast China-Southeast Asia service starts at Dalian

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THE northeast Chinese port of Dalian celebrated the maiden voyage of MSC's first northeast China-Southeast Asia direct service. The new service, deploying six 2,500 TEU containerships, provides a direct link for customers from north China to Southeast Asia, with improved transit times and more service offerings, reports Colchester's Seatrade Maritime News. Port calls include Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Busan, Incheon, Vung Tau, Leam Chabang, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Jakarta and Panjang. This new service is the fourth new shipping routes that Dalian port has opened up for RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) countries and is the second Southeast Asia service launched in July connecting with Vietnam and Thailand. In the first half of 2022, Dalian port posted a container volume of 1.88 million TEU, an increase of 10.8 per cent.

Dalian port customs restrict reefer imports following Covid outbreak

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Following the recent Covid outbreak in Dalian customs at the port have restricted reefer imports. Marcus Hand | Nov 22, 2021 Hapag-Lloyd is advising customers to divert inbound reefers to other ports or return reefer containers to origin ports due to a restriction concerning frozen meat and seafood products into the port of Dalian. The restrictions follow an outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Dalian, which hit the headlines a week ago. The Chinese authorities pointed to the cold supply chain as the source of the outbreak with the first infection reported at a cold storage base. Related: Dalian port operations stable amid latest Covid-19 outbreak Dalian is the biggest cold supply chain import city in China. Nearly 70% cold supply chain goods are imported through Dalian port, with more than 600,000 employees are handling imported cold-chain products. Hapag-Lloyd advised customers to divert reefers bound for Dalian to Qingdao, Tianjin or other Chinese ports, or return the containers to the port of origin. If there no instructions from the customer the line would make what it deemed to be necessary arrangements. “Please note that for all options, all additional costs, risks and liabilities related to the storage or movement of the cargo after discharge will be for the account of the cargo owner,” Hapag-Lloyd said. China continues to adopt a zero Covid strategy and Dalian residents have faced travel restrictions and city-wide testing in the wake of the outbreak. The cold supply chain is an area Chinese authorities see as having a high risk of transmission. Covid outbreaks in Chinese ports are of major concern to shipping, especially the container sector which saw major impact from the three-week closure of around 70% of Yantian port earlier this year. In August Ningbo-Zhoushan’s Ningbo Meishan Island International Container Terminal (MSICT) was closed due to a single Covid case among its workforce. However, the rest of the port continued to operate meaning the impact on global shipping was not as great as that of the Yantian closure.

Singapore MPA and Dalian Maritime University in talent and academic exchange

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The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dalian Maritime University (DMU) to cooperate in talent and academic information exchange in the maritime sector. Katherine Si | Oct 20, 2021 The two parties will work together on talent exchange in the fields of maritime and marine affairs, which include maritime safety, clean energy in maritime sector, port management, navigational technologies, as well as environmental management. Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive of MPA said, “With the global maritime industry making the change into becoming more digitalised and sustainable, innovation and knowledge are critical for transition of the shipping and port operations, and talent is a key foundation to the exchanges of ideas and expertise. We are pleased to partner with Dalian Maritime University. Through this MoU, we hope that it will enhance, promote and support the development of maritime talents and sharing of domain knowledge between Singapore and China.” Sun Yuqing, President of DMU said, “Maritime education and training has always been DMU’s foremost priority during its long history. And it is our mission to play an active and leading role in this field. We are very pleased to work with MPA in terms of capacity building and sustainable development of shipping industry. And I hope this MoU will serve as a platform for exchanges and cooperation in the maritime sector between DMU and MPA, as well as between China and Singapore.”  In December 2020, MPA and Shanghai Maritime University inked MoU to support maritime talent and academic exchange.

Rio Tinto develops blending iron ore delivery hub at Dalian port Photo: Rio Tinto

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Liaoning Port Group and Rio Tinto (Shanghai) have signed agreement to jointly develop Northeast Asia blending iron ore operation and delivery centre at Dalian port, Liaoning province. Katherine Si | Sep 29, 2021 The agreement will allow Rio Tinto to use Dalian port as a transhipment hub and provide better service to steel mills in North China.  "The cooperation can fully explore advantages of blending iron ore operation at Dalian port, and further improve port service ability to jointly develop a world-class blending iron ore distribution hub, according to Liaoning Port Group. Related: EPS in charter deal with Rio Tinto for LNG-powered bulkers In September 2020, Liaoning Port Group and Rio Tinto initiated collaboration on bonded area operation for blending iron ore. 

New Dalian – Southeast Asia container services being launched

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Two new intra-Asia services are being launched directly connecting the port of Dalian with Southeast Asia. Katherine Si | Mar 08, 2021 The two new direct shipping services cover Dalian-Vietnam and Dalian-Singapore-Malaysia. Wan Hai Lines and Interasia will jointly operate the service to Vietnam, deploying three 1,800 teu containerships. Related: Dalian Port to merge with Yingkou Port Regional Container Liners, Korea Marine Transport, SITC and Sea Consortium will jointly deploy five 2,700teu container ships for the service of Dalian-Singapore-Malaysia. The two direct services, departing from Dalian port, will call at major ports in Southeast Asia, further expanding container shipping network of Dalian port. With the opening of the new services, Liaoning Port Group is currently offering 21 Southeast Asia container shipping services.

Dalian suffers 42pc plunge in volume to 5.11 million TEU in 2020

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THE Port of Dalian, posted a 41.7 per cent year-on-year plunge in container volume in 2020 to 5.11 million TEU, according to the Ministry of Transport, reported Singapore's Splash 247. Dalian, located in northeast Liaoning province, saw its container throughput fall by 3.7 million TEU, blamed on hinterland shifts, weakening GDP, reefer shipments dropping off and diversion to nearby Yingkou. Earlier this month Dalian port announced a decision to change its name to Liaoning Port Company as part of its restructuring process. China Merchants Group took control of Liaoning Port Group in 2019 and started the consolidation of the port assets in the province. As part of the consolidation process, Dalian is in the process of absorbing another listed port operator, Yingkou port. Last year, Liaoning Port Group also took over Dandong port, previously a private port, after the port went bankrupt. In contrast to Dalian, the Port of Beibuwan, which has actively been fostering ties with Southeast Asia, stood out as China's fastest growing box port. The port, located in Guangxi province, saw container volumes climb 32.2 per cent to finish on 5.05 million TEU.    

Smart Port Innovation Alliance established at Dalian

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Liaoning Port Group, the northern home port operator of China Merchants Port, and Huawei have jointly set up Smart Port Innovation Alliance at Dalian, Liaoning province. Katherine Si | Jan 07, 2021 The alliance aims to service world-class intelligent port construction and the development of Dalian to be a shipping hub in northeast Asia. According to the alliance programme, it will be engaged in research of 5G, artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain technology application on smart port development, promoting intelligent port and infrastructure construction. Related: Mawan Smart Port project launches trial operations Meanwhile, Liaoning Port Group also started the information team integration project with China Merchants Port to consolidate information resources from the two parties and establish a new technology company acting as the technology innovation platform for port, shipping and logistics sectors. The 27 members of the Smart Port Innovation Alliance include Liaoning Port Group, China Merchants Port, Huawei, Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, China Mobile Dalian branch and China Unicom Liaoning branch.

COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) successfully name and deliveried of the 10th 62K DWT multi-purpose pulp ship

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The COSCO SHIPPING Development second 62K DWT multi-purpose pulp ship, named N1007, was delivered by COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. on Dec. 21th. This ship is the tenth series multi-purpose pulp ship delivered by CHI (Dalian), which will be operated by COSCO SHIPPING Specialized after delivery, the company said in its release. ‘Cosco Shipping Honor’ is 201.8 meters long, 32.26 meters wide and 19.3 meters deep. It is hoisted under the Hong Kong flag and entered the China Classification Society. The ship is equipped with 6 cargo holds, 2-5 holds are one hatchcover plate for each hold, suitable for pulp, cargo holds are equipped with dehumidification system, to ensure the quality requirements in the process of transportation. The deck is equipped with 4 75T cranes, with double lifting up to 150T, which can meet the loading requirements of overlong and overweight large equipment, suitable for high-speed trains, wind power equipment, large mechanical equipment, and overlong and overweight steel pipe pile structure. ‘Cosco shipping Honor’ is COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Industry (Dalian) Co.,Ltd. first intelligent ship certificates of multipurpose pulp ship, the intelligent system by intelligent integration platform, intelligent navigation, intelligent engine room and the efficiency of four parts, the intelligent navigation system by intelligent integration platform, detection alarm system, such as concentrated connected to the LAN system unified network environment, to build the data center of ship, to achieve the interconnection of the ship information, as well as the ship side with the shore data exchange.

Dalian port and Rio Tinto corporates on iron ore hub development

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The northeast Chinese port of Dalian and the miner Rio Tinto have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for port & logistics cooperation and developing a transhipment hub to blend iron ore locally. It was the first time for Rio Tinto to start bonded area operations for blending iron ore at a Chinese port, which will be developed as Rio Tinto’s iron ore blending and distribution center in northeast Asia. With the signing of the deal, Rio Tinto said it would be able to better serve steel mills in north China and supply new blend iron ore products to other regions in Asia. Related: ClassNK, Rio Tinto cooperate on safe carriage of iron ore "The cooperation can effectively reduce the costs at both ends of the supply chain and provide more value-added services," said Zhang Yi, president of Liaoning Port Group, parent company of Dalian port. The first batch of the blend iron ore will be distributed to the mills in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and northeast China.

Norway's Odfjell sells 50pc of terminal in Dalian for US$59 million

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NORWAY's Odfjell SE has announced that Odfjell Terminals (China) Pte Ltd (OTC) has completed a sale of its 50 per cent of its shareholding in Dalian's Odfjell Terminals to VTTI Terminals I BV, a subsidiary of Rotterdam's VTTI group, for a total cash consideration of US$59 million. OTC is 51 per cent indirectly owned by Odfjell and49 per cent by New York private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg (LG). For Odfjell, the transaction will result in a net cash gain of $27 million and an equity gain of $13 million. "The sale of OTD represents another step in the restructuring of our terminal portfolio and is in line with our strategy to focus on chemical terminals where we can harvest synergies with Odfjell Tankers or have another angle for further value creation by Odfjell," said Odfjell CEO Kristian Morch. "We are very proud of what we, together with our joint venture partner Dalian Port Authority (PDA), have accomplished in Dalian over the course of more than 20 years. We believe this transaction is a testament to the quality and resilience of OTD and we are very pleased that PDA now has gained another strong, long-term partner in VTTI," Mr Morch said. The Odfjell Group is in the global market for seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other specialty bulk liquids. The Odfjell fleet comprises of 80 ships. Odfjell employs 2,300 staff and posts annual revenues of $872 million.  

US lifts sanctions on Cosco Shipping Tanker (Dalian)

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THE Trump Administration has lifted sanctions imposed on a tanker unit owned by China's state-run shipping conglomerate Cosco, effectively overturning part of its punishment for transporting Iranian oil. According to the US Treasury Department, it has removed sanctions against Cosco Shipping Tanker (Dalian), while it continues to blacklist Cosco Shipping Tanker (Dalian) Seaman & Ship Management. The move comes after China and US reached a phase one agreement concerning a broader trade pact in January. The US imposed sanctions on six Chinese companies including subsidiaries of Cosco and Kunlun, as well as oil trader Concord Petroleum, in September. The sanctions caused a stir in the very large crude carrier (VLCC) spot market with a large number of Cosco tankers banned from trading, reported Singapore's Splash 247. The lifting of sanctions will enable two to three per cent of the global crude tanker fleet to return to global trading. China is the world's only major importer of Iranian oil. Chinese customs data shows that China imported 14.77 million tonnes of Iranian oil in 2019.

Cosco to convert large crude tanker to LNG propulsion at Dalian

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COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation has signed a supplemental agreement with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry (DSIC) to convert a very large crude carrier (VLCC) to run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). The vessel is one of four VLCCs ordered by the Chinese shipping giant from DSIC in 2017. It will be equipped with a dual fuel LNG propulsion system and Cosco is spending an extra US$6 million on the upgrade. However, the ship's delivery has been delayed from March 2021 to December 2021. "The inclusion of dual fuel technology in the construction of the relevant VLCC which allows it to utilise LNG as fuel will enable the company to prepare for the more stringent carbon dioxide emission standards under phase three of the implementation of the EEDI in advance, and provide the company with a new solution to the imposition of the global sulphur limit," Cosco said. The company has six VLCCs on its orderbook. Earlier this year, Cosco and DSIC jointly launched a project to develop the LNG dual-fuel VLCC, which is expected to cut carbon emissions by one-fifth and sulphur emissions by 95 per cent compared to conventional fuel.