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China Shipping starts Ho Chi Minh–Haikou loop

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State-owned China Shipping Group has launched a weekly container liner service between Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Haikou in China, to be operated by two 1,036 TEU ships, Cargonews Asia reports. The loop will be used for shipment of coal, mineral, industrial and agricultural materials. Transit time between the two ports will be two days.

CSCL launches direct Haikou-Ho Chi Minh service

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Haikou: China Shipping Container Line (CSCL) is now offerring weekly sailings from Haikou, the main port of the southern island province of Hainan, to Ho Chi Minh City.The Haikou-Ho Chi Minh City service, marks the opening of Haikou's first direct container route to Southeast Asia.Trade volume between Vietnam and Hainan has been growing, with rising volumes of coconuts, rice, fruit and rubber moving between the two countries. This first regular container service is expected to contribute to the exchange and development in trade.  

China Shipping starts Haikou-Ho Chi Minh City weekly container service

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HAIKOU, the principal port of island province of Hainan, has launched a Haikou-Ho Chi Minh City service, marking the opening of Haikou's first direct container route to southeast Asia, reports Xinhua. China Shipping Container Line (CSCL) now offers weekly sailings, which will contribute to the exchange and development in trade between the southern Chinese province and southeast Asia. The business scope of Vietnam and Hainan has been growing, with rising volumes of coconuts, rice, fruit and rubber moving between the two. But until now, there has been no regular container service.

Haikou container volume up 30.9pc in the first nine months to 720,000 TEU

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HAIKOU, the principal port in the island province of Hainan, posted a 30.9 per cent year-on-year increase in container throughput to 720,000 TEU, reports Xinhua. Improvement was attributed to the Haikou maritime department's enhancement of clearance efficiency, which cut down vessel dwell time strengthened coordination with shipping and port operations for better berth schedulings, arranged better cargo handling improved ship to shore communications and canvassed opinions on what would provide better service. The department also made efforts to ensure efficient open-package inspection to guarantee container transport security by policing illegal activities in handling hazardous cargo and smuggling.

Port of Haikou's volume expected to hit 100 million tonnes by 2015

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TWO new port areas, Macun and Xinhai, are soon to start construction at south Hainan province's Port of Haikou, expected to raise Haikou's annual throughput to 100 million tonnes after they are finished in 2015. The project cost CNY8.89 billion (US$1.4 billion) to build. After completion, Macun and Xinhai port area will be the new traffic and logistics hub, raising Haikou port's annual container throughput to 1.8 million TEU. At the meantime, the port's passenger throughput is expected to increase to 20 million people a year.

Hainan's Haikou port builds US$380 million passenger-ro-ro terminal

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SOUTH China's Haikou port has started to build passenger-ro-ro terminal capable of handling other cargo, designed to enhance capacity to meet expected demand after next year, reports Xinhua. The new terminal lies in the north of south station of the Guangdong-Hainan Oversea Railway in the Xinhai port area, the nearest place in the island province of Hainan to the mainland 12 nautical miles away. The CNY2.4 billion (US$380 million) facility will be built in two phases. Its first phase costs CNY1.8 billion and will open in 2013. It will be equipped with 18 berths of 3,000 to 10,000-tonne capacity with an capability of handling 3.1 million cars and 20 million passengers a year.

Haikou box volume hits 610,000 TEU October 31, surpassing 2010 total

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THE Port of Haikou, in China's southern island province of Hainan, posted a container throughput of 610,000 TEU this year as of October 31, which is catching up with last year's annual total. Xinhua reported said Haikou's maritime authority rolled out series of measures this year to ensure smooth flow of cargo as container throughput continues to grow rapidly, including strengthening coordination between the port and vessels to enhance operational efficiency, tightening control on dangerous goods transport and strengthening communication with carriers.  

Haikou harbour undergoes comprehensive infrastructure upgrade

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HAINAN province's Haikou harbour has commenced a US$245 million extension of the Macun centre port area, reports Xinhua. The plan includes building four 20,000-tonne class bulk cargo berths and three 5,000-tonne class auxiliary berths and other facilities that involve deepening the navigation channel and basin and land reclamation. The new port area will be completed in a three years and put into service in March 2014 with an expected annual throughput of 3.9 million tonnes. Today, Haikou port has four port areas, Xiuying, Haidian, Xinhai and Macun. Macun will be its centre to focus on transport of energy resources, container, bulk cargo and hazardous materials.