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China’s Lianyungang Guanyun port opens up

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Lianyungang Guanyun port has received official approval from the Chinese central government to open and start operations, along with the port areas of Lianyungang Ganyu and Lianyungang Xuwei. Guanyun Harbor Industry Zone, is located at Jiangsu Lianyugang and encouraged by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, it has been working closely with Lianyungang Port Group on the development of river-sea combined transportation. Guanyun port has constructed two 30,000 tonne-class berths at terminal one and two 50,000 tonne-class berths at terminal two. Its 50,000 tonne-class shipping channel is able to handle one-way traffic of 50,000 dwt bulk carriers and two-way traffic of 20,000 dwt bulk carriers. The port plans to build another one 50,000 tonne-class berth at terminal three and a logistics park covering the area of 100,000 sqm. Guanyun port aims to achieve 15m tons throughput by the end of 2020. Lianyungang, the starting point of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is located at a cross-region of land and sea transportation. The port has completed 197.6m tons cargo throughput as the end of November 2018.  

Lianyungang Port issues profit warning for 2015

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China’s Jiangsu Lianyungang Port Co has warned of a significant fall in profit for its 2015 financial year ended 30 December 2015. The Shanghai-listed port company announced that it expects to record a 45-50% plunge in profit for 2015 compared to 2014. In 2014, the company made a gain of RMB103.71m ($15.74m), pointing to a projected profit of RMB46.67m to RMB51.86m last year. “Due to the macroeconomic impact from the world and China, the port’s cargo volumes in 2015 recorded a visible fall compared to 2014. The slowing port business has also led to weakened operating results,” Jiangsu Lianyungang Port stated.

Lianyungang becomes Sino-South Korean sea-land intermodal pilot city

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THE recently held fourth conference for the Sino-South Korean sea-land intermodal transport cooperation pilot plan has confirmed that eastern China's port of Lianyungang will join the programme.  The Sino-Korean sea-land intermodal transport cooperation pilot programme kicked off in 2010 from major cities in Shandong province, including Qingdao, Weihai and Rizhao.  It offers door-to-door transport service between China and Korea via trucking and ro-ro shipping, mainly for time-definite and shock-sensitive electronic products and fresh aqua products.  Xinhua's report said Lianyungang's participation in the programme will facilitate further opening of the city to the world market and enhance its international influence while attracting domestic market. It also helps to deepen the economic cooperation between Korea and Jiangsu province, where Lianyungang is located. 

Lianyungang port opens new port area

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XUWEI port area, a new port area at eastern China's Lianyungang port, has officially commenced operation, Xinhua reports. According to Lianyungang port's development plan, there will be a 300,000-tonne deepwater navigation channel and 116 medium and large berths at the new port area, which mainly handled crude oil, liquid chemical, bulk and containers. There are 28 projects finished at the Xuwei port area, costing CNY18.39 billion (US$3.04 billion). The port area's handling capacity will reach 100 million tonnes in three years and 200 million tonnes by 2020.  In 2014, the new port area will start the second phase of the 300,000 navigation channel and build 12 berths. It will also start building a comprehensive bonded zone. In five to 10 years time, the Xuwei port area will be developed into a growth lead of harbour-front industries and an ocean gateway for the Silk Road.Retail Imports up in Jan2    

Lianyungang port throughput up 9.3pc in 2013

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BEING the first stop on the east end of the Eurasian Land Bridge, Lianyungang port lifted 5.48 million TEU in 2013, 9.3 per cent more than in the previous year. Its throughput tonnage increased 8.8 per cent to 202 million tonnes. In 2013, Lianyungang's port investment amounted to CNY3.55 billion (US$587 million. The port is now able to berth the world's largest bulk carrier. Its capacity has been substantially raised. Last year, there was a ship of 200,000 tonnes or over called at Lianyungang every five days on average. The port also expanded it sea-rail intermodal service to the hinterland region. The service to Xinjiang border checkpoint Khorgas has been upgraded to two runs per day. In 2013, the port handled 106,000 TEU of cross-boundary sea-rail-intermodal containers, 39 per cent more than in 2012. Eight shipping lanes were newly launched or increased in their frequency last year at Lianyungang. The port also commenced the first river container shipping service to boost its box throughput, according to Xinhua's report.  

Eurasian Land Bridge Lianyungang port aims for 5.6 million TEU this year

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THE eastern Port of Lianyungang plans to invest CNY7.67 billion (US$1.25 billion) on port infrastructure this year, and expects to increase container throughput to 5.6 million TEU and raise overall cargo volume to 200 million tonnes, Xinhua reports.  This is the 80th year for port of Lianyungang. There will be new port areas becoming operational this year, which are the Xuwei and the Yanwei port area.  Port of Lianyungang currently has 55 berths. 50 of them are 10,000-tonnes and above. The port is now operating nearly 60 ocean and near-sea shipping lines to over 160 countries and regions in the world, offering more than 300 sailings per month.  To exploit the port's location at the start of the Eurasian Land Bridge, Lianyungang has started three cross-border container railway transport services to Alashankou, Khorgas, Kashgar, Almaty and Russia, and a number of domestic container railway services to Zhengzhou, Xian, Chengdu, Mianyang, Xining and Bengbu.

COSCO Lianyungang shut down

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COSCO (Lianyungang) Shipyard of China is said to have closed down because of the global economic recession.   Owning shares of COSCO (Lianyungang), China’s Jiangsu Lianyungang Port has announced that closedown was settled at the general meeting of stockholders since the yard experienced declined orders in sectors such as ship repair and etc. and reported losses, having faced a management difficulty. COSCO (Lianyungang) Shipyard was established in March, 2008, jointly financed by Jiangsu Lianyungang Port and COSCO Shipyard Group. Jiangsu Lianyungang Port has announced on May 6 that it received a “Closedown Resolution of COSCO (Lianyungang) Shipyard” at the general meeting of COSCO (Lianyungang) stockholders.

Lianyungang's mainland-Taiwan cargo throughput surges 96pc in 2012

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THE eastern Chinese port of Lianyungang recorded a 95.9 per cent increase in its throughput of cross-strait direct seaborne shipping freight to 652,000 tonnes in 2012, or 59,000 TEU in terms of container volume.  The port handled 306 inbound and outbound vessels carrying such cargo last year, 91.3 per cent more than in 2011, according to Xinhua.  As of January 15, Lianyungang has issued entry and exit permits for 902 vessels of Mainland-Taiwan direct shipping services since the first of such service was launched at the port. The cross-strait freight shipped from the port has amounted to 139,000 TEU, or 1.51 million tonnes.  The mainland and Taiwan started direct shipping in December 2008. Jiangsu is one of the mainland provinces with the closest trade ties with Taiwan. Among the 12 ports in Jiangsu that are approved to operate direct shipping services, Lianyungang and Taicang are operating container services to Kaohsiung, Keelung and Taichung.

Lianyungang Port plans new finance arm

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Lianyungang Port Co., Ltd is to set up its own finance company with main shareholder Lianyungang Port Group to improve capital operation, SinoShipNews reports. Liangyungang Port said that to enhance capital management, improve capital using efficiency, expand financing channels and increase investment benefits, the company decided to set up the jv with the Port Group, with total funds registered at up to RMB500m. The moves comes just a month after Lianyungang port had announced the issue of RMB1bn worth of short-term bonds, with 20% of the funds used to replenish operating funds of subsidiaries, Lianyungang Port Engineering and Lianyungang Port Logistics.

Lianyungang Port buys into bulk terminal

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Lianyungang Port Group has announced on Tuesday that the board of directors have approved a proposal to buy a 25% share in Liangyugang Xinlian Bulk Terminal Co from Sino-Rock Strategic Investment (Hong Kong)Limited. The transaction amount for the deal is RMB149m, SinoShipNews reports. Lianyungang Port said the acquisition will help the company further its strategic goal to expand its market share in the bulk cargo handling and transportation business, and further enhance the company's competitiveness and sustainable development capability.

Lianyungang's 5-month volume up 16pc, now aims to be Rotterdam of the East

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EASTERN China's port of Lianyungang posted a throughput of 78.9 million tonnes of overall cargo from January to May this year, 16.04 per cent more than in the same period in the preceding year, Xinhua reports. In this period, the port's sea-rail containers increased 8.6 per cent to 133,000 TEU. Outbound volume climbed 14 per cent to 74,000 TEU. Inbound boxes volume went up 2.6 per cent to 59,000 TEU. Transshipment container numbers slid 34.8 per cent to 32,000 TEU. In May, the port's sea-rail intermodal boxes jumped 23.5 per cent up to 29,000. The number of outbound boxes grew 19.7 per cent to 16,000 TEU. Inbound volume rose 28.2 per cent to 13,000 TEU. Transshipment container throughput shrank 28.3 per cent to 7,340 TEU. Lianyungang is the eastern start of the New Eurasian Land Bridge and aims to be the Rotterdam of the east. Rotterdam is the western terminus of the New Eurasian Land Bridge.

Lianyungang throughput up 18.3% in four months

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Lianyungang Port in Jiangsu Province handled 59.93 million tonnes of cargo and 1.63 million TEUs in the first four months of this year, up 18.3 percent and 10.8 percent respectively from a year earlier, according to the Ministry of Transport, reported China Business Newswire. Last month, the port's cargo throughput and container throughput reached 14.85 million tonnes and 402,000 TEUs respectively.