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Global Energy Ventures inks LOI with Yantai CIMC Raffles for up to eight CNG ships

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Leading developer of global integrated marine compressed natural gas (CNG) projects, Global Energy Ventures has signed of a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore to build up to eight CNG vessels. The LOI is based on a firm order for four 200MMscf CNG ships with the option for up to an additional four ships. GEV and CIMC Raffles will now work towards a binding shipbuilding engineering, procurement & construction contract, employing GEV’s CNG Optimum design for the CNG Optimum ships. Jens Martin Jensen, non-executive director of Global Energy Ventures, says, “CIMC Raffles have proven to be a highly credible and very capable yard for newbuilds, and they are without doubt an investment grade shipyard for GEV’s first marine CNG project. They are the logical choice for GEV given their scale of operations to support a multiple ship order, their history of building the only CNG ship to date, and a track record in successful EPC delivery.”

Yantai port working with PetroChina on LNG and crude oil facilities development

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North Chinese port operator Yantai Port Group has signed agreements with two subsidiaries of PetroChina to jointly build the LNG receiving station at west port area of Yantai Port and facilities of a 300,000 tonne-class crude oil terminal. The LNG station project will be jointly constructed by Yantai port and Kunlun Energy Company Limited, a subsidiary of PetroChina. The whole project investment is RMB7bn, including one berth for a 266,000 cu m LNG vessel, LNG storage tanks and other facilities. In addition, Yantai port is to work with PetroChina Fuel Oil Company Limited to build and operate the second phase project of the 300,000 tonne-class crude oil terminal, plus oil storage tank and pipeline project. The project investment is totalling in RMB5bn. Launched in 1861, Yantai port is one of the 25 hub seaports in China. It currently has a 400,000 tonne-class ore terminal, a 300,000 tonne-class crude oil terminal, 560 km oil pipeline and 2.7m cu m crude oil storage area.

Yantai Port chemical fertiliser exports hit 2.1 million tonnes in 4 months

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THE Port of Yantai in northern Shandong province, saw its chemical fertiliser exports surpass 2.1 million tonnes in the first four months of the year valued at US$650 million, reports Xinhua. In recent years, Yantai Customs has been helping the port to attract large bulk cargo by providing quality and efficient services to support local economic development. Fertiliser exports via the port in 2013 reached 3.85 million tonnes, taking up 20.3 per cent of China's total and becoming China's biggest port in the chemical fertiliser export.

Yantai Port cargo volume up 10.4pc to 105 million tonnes in 4 months

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THE Port of Yantai in northern Shandong province, posted a 10.48 per cent year-on-year increase in overall cargo volume to 105 million tonnes in the first four months of the year, reports Xinhua. The port's full-year cargo throughput is expected to hit 300 million tonnes this year, maintaining China's top 10 coastal ports rankings. From January to April, passenger movements of the port increased 3.84 per cent year on year to 1.99 million people. Yantai government this year plans to invest a total of CNY19.56 billion (US$3.12 billion) on 20 port projects, with the annual investment of CNY3.05 billion. At present, main body of the phase 1 project in its western port area has been completed. Also a 300,000-tonne ore berth and a 150,000-tonne coal berth in the port area have been put into operation. Longkou port area's investment in its expansion project of 100,000-tonne navigational channel has been completed 79 per cent and the number 27, 28 and 29 universal berths 88 per cent.

Yantai port container volume up 21.8pc to 553,000 TEU in first quarter

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THE Port of Yantai in northern China's Shandong province posted a record 21.8 per cent increase year on year in container volume to 553,000 TEU in the first quarter of the year, reports Xinhua. The port's overall cargo volume in the period increased 9.8 per cent year on year to 61.06 million tonnes. At present, the port authority make full use of the port's internal and external resources and its multiple port areas such as Zhifu Bay, Longkou, Penglai and western port area take advantages of their terminal's deep water, storage yard and distribution system to promote the production and operation integration of bauxite, an aluminium ore. Bauxite volume in the port increased 27 per cent in the first three months, with the market share maintaining the first place nationwide.

Yantai port cargo volume up 6.1pc to 287 million tonnes in 2013

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 THE Port of Yantai in northern Shandong province, posted a 6.1 per cent year-on-year increase in overall cargo volume to 287 million tonnes in 2013, entering China's top 10 coastal ports rankings, reports Xinhua. Five projects in its western port area, two 50,000-tonne universal berths in the Longkou port area and a 150,000-tonne terminal in the Qimu Island operating area, have been completed and put into operation. In recent years, the Yantai port has developed itself into a chemical fertiliser logistics centre in north China, with the fertiliser exports accounting for more than 60 per cent of the total national market.  Also, it tried hard to make itself a ro-ro logistics base port for commercial vehicles and launched domestic trade ro-ro transport lines from Guangzhou to Yantai with the commercial vehicle exports reaching 52,000 units in 2013. Bauxite volume increased 90.5 per cent year on year through optimising its operation mode.  

Yantai Penglai port 10-month cargo volume up 16pc to 10.09 million tonnes

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THE northern China's Yantai Penglai port in Shandong province posted a year-on-year 16 per cent increase in overall cargo volume to 10.09 million tonnes in the first 10 months, which was two months earlier than last year in hitting 10 million tonnes of throughput, reports Xinhua. The port's full-year throughput is expected to hit 11.3 million tonnes. From January to October, timber in the port soared 104 per cent to 570,000 square. The rapid throughput growth of the port was attributed to its enhanced service and its efforts to expand the supply of goods.   

Yantai port 7-month container volume up 23.64pc to 1.28 million TEU

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THE Port of Yantai in northern China's Shandong province posted a year-on-year 23.64 per cent increase in container volume to 1.28 million TEU in the first seven months, reports Xinhua.  The port's overall cargo volume increased 8.81 per cent to 167 million tonnes in the period. The box volume is expected to hit two million TEU by year end with cargo volume expected to top 300 million tonnes.  The Yantai Port and Shipping Bureau works hard to follow its development plan on building one major western port area and developing multiple specialised port areas such as Laizhou, Longkou, Penglai, Luanjiakou, ZhiFu Bay and Haiyang to achieve comprehensive development.  It has opened Yantai-Yingkou, Yantai-Shenzhen, Tianjin-Longkou-Huangpu-Quanzhou foreign and domestic trade lines with 67 weekly sailings.  

Yantai port cargo throughput increases 15.2pc in first quarter

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THE northern China's Yantai port in Shandong province posted a year-on-year 15.2 per cent increase in cargo throughput to 55.62 million tonnes in the first quarter this year, reports Xinhua. The rapid growth of cargo volume is attributed to the port's strategic cooperation with large cargo owning enterprises and carriers since the start of 2013, and its efforts to develop hit products in the port areas by taking advantage of its bonded port policy.  The port's business is under fast development such as the chemical fertiliser, passenger ro-ro and Japan and South Korea boutique services in Yantai ZhiFu Bay area, Central Africa bulk cargo liner and petroleum coke and North Korean coal in Longkou port, as well as timber business in Penglai port area. 

Shandong's Yantai port first quarter cargo volume increases 8.6 per cent

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THE Port of Yantai, in eastern Shandong province, posted an 8.6 per cent year on year increase in first quarter cargo volume to 48.29 million tonnes - surpassing volume the port achieved in all of 2005. Yantai has developed a convenient, efficient logistics chain on the south bank of Bohai Sea, which has increased the throughput of bulk cargo. Meanwhile, the port enhanced its distribution with rail, road and waterway services to ease heavy pressure on warehouses and freight yard. The port's rail car cargo loading volume climbed 25.9 per cent year on year.

Yantai western port area throughput surpasses million-tonne mark

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SINCE it started operation in August 2010, the western port area of eastern China's port of Yantai in Shandong province has handled more than a million tonnes of cargo, Xinhua reports. Yantai's western port area is located at Yantai Economic Development Area. It will be developed into five operation areas for containers, bulk, liquid, oil and break bulk and will eventually have 45 berths of 10,000 to 300,000 tonnes with a capacity of 7.5 million TEU and 200 million tonnes in overall tonnage.  

Bonded area promotes Yantai’s economy

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Yantai bonded port area has become a powerful engine for the development of Yantai’s marine economy, according to Yu Deping, deputy director of the management committee of the port area. Statistics show that Yantai bonded port area achieved total import and export trade volume of $20.2 billion last year, an increase of 48.4 percent over the year 2009. Integrated with the former import and export processing zones and several small ports, the bonded port area is designed to cover an area of 7.26 square kilometers where processing and logistics will be performed. The bonded port area aims at establishing centers of economic trade, shipping and high-tech industries and boosting various positive policies to propel the sea area’s economic development. To accelerate the aquaculture development, a 270 million yuan cold chain logistics park was under construction and is expected to be completed and open by end of 2012. With a storage capacity of 150,000 tons, the logistics park is able to handle 800,000 tons of products every year. The first stage–an international commodity exhibition center--will soon be completed. The center will set special areas for exhibiting wine, imported food, aquatic products and cosmetics. In terms of infrastructure, the container operation area has been expanded to 1.2 million square meters from the original 450,000 square meters. The annual container throughput is expected to reach five million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) by the end of this year. Yantai bonded area also makes efforts on cultivating international shipping lines with the help of special policies for the bonded port area. Cargo throughput hits 74.07 million tons during the first five months, a year-on-year increase of 17.5 percent. Meanwhile, container throughput reaches 656,000 million TEU, a year-on-year increase of 22.6 percent. To enhance international trade, Yantai bonded area plans to spend 20 billion yuan building a 33-square-kilometer area, focusing on developing financial insurance, freight forward, customs clearance and inspection process, informational consultation, high-end real estate, tourism and catering.